Castle Keeper
Castle Keeper
Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper

Castle Keeper

Tower defense and strategic features are combined in the engrossing game Castle Keeper.

You are the only one who can stop the waves of enemies from reaching the castle, and they are getting closer. Use your archery abilities to take out as many of your adversaries as you can by shooting them and hurling barrels at them. In this fantastic online game of Castle Keeper, you can expect to engage in epic conflicts. Are you prepared to give it a try?

How to play

  • To move the stickman, hold down the left mouse button and drag it.
  • Construct your stronghold, fortify it with ever-more-powerful towers to ward off attacks from foes, and expand your territory.
  • Choose your strategy and earn more gold. Fight epic bosses and take your loot. 


  • Build your castle
  • Countless waves of enemies to survive
  • Unique warfare buildings
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