Drift Boss
Drift Boss
Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss

In Drift Boss, you'll have to show off your driving skills by swerving your vehicle around the course's turns at full speed.

You may unlock a range of fantastic cars that are scattered across the game by collecting points and using those points to buy them. These might be anything from ice cream trucks to fire trucks to ambulances, along with a full range of other vehicles. 

The experience is both entertaining and engaging in Drift Boss, and it puts your drifting abilities to the test while also assisting you in taking them to the next level. It is not merely a matter of being able to cross the finish line earlier than the other competitors; rather, the most crucial component in determining who comes out on top in this race is coming up with original plans.

How to play 

It is necessary to keep precision control of your car if you want to achieve the best possible score and drive the greatest possible distance. Also, make it a top goal to collect as much gold coins as you possibly can; doing so will allow you to acquire new cars and perks that have increased performance.

There are a total of 30 automobiles that may be unlocked, some of which can be purchased with gold, while others, which can occasionally be strange, can be unlocked by collecting and completing series of cards.


  • Great arcade 3d environment.
  • Improve your drifting techniques.
  • Make it your goal to earn the highest score possible.
  • If you get enough points, you'll be able to unlock some very sweet rides.
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