Mr Noob Hook Hero
Mr Noob Hook Hero
Mr Noob Hook Hero

Mr Noob Hook Hero

Mr Noob Hook Hero

Mr Noob Hook Hero is a fantastic game that you must play! Control your courageous Mr Noob and help him hook on the points so that he may reach the objective safely and with many goodies.

Mr Noob disguises himself as a hero and intends to swing across a world filled with perilous items and monsters that will try to stop you from achieving your objective! There are also opponents strewn across the 24 levels that await you.

Jump and pivot to find the perfect moment to hook on different anchors in each hook level, then swing to the next anchor to hit your goal. It won't be easy, though, since you'll come across terrifying pros who will want to take you down if they spot you. Can you finish all of the levels? Have a good time with this engaging game.


  • Graphics are vibrant and vintage-looking.
  • Controls are simple and enjoyable.
  • The gameplay is addictive and entertaining.
  • There are skins to be unlocked.


You may throw the rope by clicking left and then releasing the mouse.

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