Parkour Climb
Parkour Climb
Parkour Climb

Parkour Climb

Parkour Climb

With the Parkour Climb game, ready to start on an adventure in a seaside town where parkour is available.

Some cities' buildings are so tall that they seem to continue on forever. They just keep climbing, in a never-ending sprint to a horizon that is always just out of grasp. You may have wished you could view the pinnacle if you've ever seen these structures from the bottom floor. Something about a seemingly insurmountable issue draws us in. Our heroes used to be mountain climbers. We can now confidently scale skyscrapers.


  • Theme: modern futuristic
  • Collect shields to prevent your fall.
  • Gather jetpacks to increase your score.
  • Design that is responsive

How to play 

In this free running parkour game, how far can you get? Gather shields to protect yourself from falling. Collect jetpacks to boost your score. Play this Parkour Climb game and have fun!

  • To complete each level, you will need to pay attention to the distance marker and gather all of the green cubes.
  • Tap the screen to do a wall jump in the style of parkour.
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