A traditional 2D pixel art platformer game is SeasonLand.

Enter the world of pixels and explore hidden areas. Help the alien child navigate a variety of challenges as he travels to new places. Take care and stay away from dangerous traps and evil creatures. Please assist the Bunny Bot in completing his quest to discover the solution, but beware of many dangerous beasts and a lethal trap that is in store for you.

The checkpoint system in SeasonLand is a little strange because you have the option to either confirm the saving by spending a few gold coins or cancel it altogether. Make an effort to collect as many coins as you possibly can.


  • Various bosses to fight Retro pixel 2d graphics.
  • Levels that are both difficult and fun.
  • The controls are basic.


  • To move left or right, press the left and right arrow keys.
  • To fall through openings in metal platforms, press the down arrow key.
  • Click X to fire.
  • To jump, press Z. For a shorter jump, tap it; for a longer jump, hold it.
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