Super Jesse Pink
Super Jesse Pink
Super Jesse Pink

Super Jesse Pink

Super Jesse Pink

Super Jesse Pink, a brand-new arcade game, invites you to an adventure. Jesse must locate the crystal's power and get it back. By overcoming various monsters, ambushes, and lethal traps, assist Super Jesse Pink in recovering his power crystal.

Do you enjoy challenging video games with adorable pixel art? In this gorgeous and entertaining pixel art game Super Jesse Pink, you can collect coins and gain lives. Jump on them or completely avoid them. You have three lives. Avoid losing them all! Look under blocks for hidden coins. Watch out for dangers like sharp spikes! All ages can enjoy the game.


  • Profile 1: Arrow keys to move, Z to jump, and X to shoot (when available).
  • Profile 2: When available, use WASD to move, K to jump, and J to shoot.
  • Mobile Employ touch buttons.


  • Fun pixel art-based jumping and shooting game.
  • 16-bit audio quality for the music and sound effects.
  • Playing that is very active.
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