Temple of Boom
Temple of Boom
Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom

Temple of Boom is a fantastic platform adventure! Your goal is to survive in a temple while eliminating all enemy monsters. This is a retro-styled online Monster Shooting Game for two players. Use a variety of powerful weapons to eliminate your opponents before they can take you down. Inside the creepy temple, you can also fight cool one-on-one battles with your friends.

How to play

Collect guns, bandages, and ammo in order to survive as long as possible and achieve a high score. Keep in mind that each adversary has a unique ability! To accomplish all missions, you must avoid all opponent blows.

1 player

Arrows: To move

Down Arrow: Pick up the weapon

Z: To shoot

X: To change the weapon

Player 2

WASD / Arrow keys: To move

W/Down Arrow: Pick up the weapon

C/K: To shoot

V/L: To change the weapon

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