Tropical Merge
Tropical Merge
Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge

Prepare for a terrific huge adventure in Tropical Merge! You get the entire stunning island and its amazing scenery to yourself.  Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

You will have a family farm trip full of mysteries and interesting characters. While restoring the island and expanding your tropical farm, assist the villagers in saving their idyllic bay. Explore different islands on expeditions, and crack even more puzzles.

How to play

In this simulation game, you'll be collaborating with a young woman named Lisa as she visits her hometown on a stunning tropical island. She would be a huge help on her uncle's farm. Join her as she turns her grandfather's business into a huge success by employing all the strategies he once taught her!


  • Gorgeous visuals and breathtaking scenery
  • Several items to combine and blend
  • Daily obstacles and fantastic rewards
  • Dozens of structures to construct and resources to expand
  • The greatest commodity exchange rates for your bountiful harvest

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