Cuphead is a fantastic adventure game based on the 1930s American cartoon of the same name. You can not miss Cuphead if you are a fan of classic games!

The game brings players along on its journey through various locations where the Devil’s debtors reside. Here, you must fight these debtors in order to collect money for the evil Devil. Try to imagine yourself on this journey. Cuphead is a game with simple gameplay, but each journey is eye-catching and will keep you pinned to the screen.

You will take on the role of one of the two main characters, Cuphead or Mugman. When two characters arrive at a casino owned by the Devil, they consistently win and draw the Devil's attention. As a result, they received an extremely appealing bet from the Devil. If they win, the entire casino will belong to them; if they lose, the Devil will take both of their souls.

Unfortunately, Cuphead and Mugman had to concede failure in this wager. To avoid their souls being taken, they must accept the Devil's mission to find other debtors and recover their souls for the Devil. The journey starts here!

The game not only has a unique storyline, but it also pulls you in with the iconic graphics, style, and soul of popular cartoons from the last century. Furthermore, there are numerous levels with powerful bosses to face in order to complete the game's challenges. Make the battle begin now in order to save Cuphead and Mugman from the Devil.

How to play Cuphead

You can begin playing this game immediately with the adorable Cuphead character. When you hit a wall, your character will automatically turn around. So all you have to do is jump over the obstacles to collect the coins. Allow Cuphead to enter the door to advance to the next level once you've collected enough coins.

Each level has its own theme and context, which correspond to the bosses. Along with that, the number of barriers you must overcome is increasing and becoming more dangerous. But don't be too worried because the greater the danger, the greater the loot.

If you are playing this game on your phone, touch the screen or use the mouse to move on a computer.

Overcome the barriers set up by the Devil's debtor while collecting as many coins as possible. It's the most effective way for you to gain the strength you need to face the next challenging match.


  • Control characters with basic keys in a simple game similar to the Super Mario series.
  • Each round is challenging, giving players the feeling and desire to win.
  • Graphics are memorable, bringing back great memories for gamers.

There aren't many modern action-adventure games like Cuphead, so if you're looking for something different, consider it.

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