456 impostor
456 impostor
456 impostor

456 impostor

456 impostor

Now is the time to embark on an unforgettable adventure in 456 impostor game! Enjoy the perfect marriage of the most disturbing series and the most thrilling game in recent memory.

Along with the characters from the Among Us game, the ominous games from the well-known Squid Game series will be faithfully recreated. Give the impostor your assistance while he is facing off against the Red Guards. You will travel through each level accompanied by a phony that is dressed in a green tracksuit.

To avoid being discovered, all you need to do is focus on paying attention to every little thing and every move you make. Collecting gold coins will allow you to unlock extremely rare skins, and collecting diamonds will allow you to progress through new levels.


To navigate, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. To defeat your foes, you should jump on the heads of the red guard imposters.


  • There are multiple levels, and the difficulties of each level gradually increase.
  • games with consistent and frequent updates
  • The protagonist of the video game is modeled after a real-life person.
  • The world within the game can be upgraded
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