Apple Worm
Apple Worm
Apple Worm

Apple Worm

Apple Worm

Apple Worm is the ideal game for you if you enjoy solving little educational puzzles. In this worm game, gather apples and practice logic by solving challenging puzzles!

You must assist the worm in gathering apples and escaping the level. Run through the maze to find valuable apples, but take care! because the game's puzzles are full of clever traps and are not as straightforward as they first appear to be.

How to play

To move your worm, press the arrow keys or WASD.

Try eating the apple to make your worm grow if you are unable to access the portal. But avoid getting stuck or dropping off the level. Press the retry button or R to restart the level if you get stuck.


  • Selfish apple snake
  • A free full version of the game
  • Several intriguing levels
  • Simple controls
  • Humorous music
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