Color Galaxy
Color Galaxy
Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy

Color Galaxy is a paint-and-capture casual game for people of all ages. You must go around the level and color the space in your color to construct a territory as vast as feasible.

The objective is to establish control over as much area as possible. Players can take each other's land by catching it in their circular route. You will, however, lose the game if any player crosses through your trail before you can seal it. Crossing your own trail will likewise bring your run to a halt.

How to play

Choose a unique vehicle, press the gas pedal to the floor, and navigate this vast, obstacle-filled landscape. Drive your vehicle around the arena, don't let anyone cross your path, and try to take over as much land as possible.

To play, use the mouse to left-click, hold, and drag your vehicle through the arena.


  • Nice Graphics 
  • Skins, colors, and stickers that can be unlocked
  • Improvements to the lobby
  • Matches that are addictive
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