Super Onion Boy
Super Onion Boy
Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy

Super Onion Boy

The platform game Super Onion Boy is enjoyable. You'll adore this one if you enjoy retro-styled versions of classic games.

It is your duty to free the princess from the terrifying monster who has trapped her inside a magical bubble. There will be a lot of barriers in your path that you must jump over in Super Onion Boy. Beware, there are enemies here as well. Learn a variety of helpful techniques to overcome every obstacle in your path, such as wall climbing, precise timing, and pushing crates.

Up until you encounter the final boss and save the princess, defeat all the monsters along the way, and avoid obstacles. Reach the game's conclusion and save the princess thereby completing all 15 levels. So let's play the game now, come on!


  • With 8-pixel and 16-bit 2D graphics, the game is enjoyable and jumps and flies.
  • Sound effects and music in the 8- and 16-bit retro style.
  • Better time and score systems for leaderboards.


  • Move with the arrow keys.
  • Z for a jump.
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